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Real help for your organisation to stay active and productive.

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Naytaris appreciates your organisation needs effective, realistic and fixed cost IT solutions and services so you can in turn raise your company’s targets to higher levels, whilst driving out waste and excessive costs. Our company lacks the  many layers of management and sales which other IT businesses allow to ramp up the cost of their products to you, their customers, whilst handing the real work over to technical specialists and pocketing the profits. Our business is primarily run by our IT experts with a limited, useful management guidance.

We know you have requirements which are often met by comprehensive, repeatable IT solutions with customised tailoring and configuration; so we’ve put together some packages of IT solutions to suit your key requirements as well as offering bespoke solutions alongside. From a new Web Site  to linked buildings full of IT connected staff, we truly offer the complete package and we literally will not say No to any request we receive. Read more about our ethos or get in touch if you’re unsure what you need.

We  always endeavour to deliver above your expectations as we recognise our greatest advertisement is a satisfied customer, so you can be sure the time we save estimating and convincing customers to buy our products is handed back to our real customers who deserve our attention every day.

If you’re driven to succeed and need the security and solid foundation of technical experts with hard earned skills at some large name companies, you need to be working with us now. Either buy from the site or drop us an email to set up invoicing - and thank-you for looking today. Please do refer to our terms and conditions before ordering as they form our relatively simple agreement of service provision to you including some assumptions around access, environments, usage and other important information.

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Support Services

Real help for your organisation to stay active and productive.

Silver and Gold Support

Training Services

Data Analysis

Server Health Check


Welcome to Naytaris - Technology. Performance. Passion. Value.

At Naytaris we are committed to providing you with the highest quality IT solutions and services.

Our ethos is built on one overriding passion.Your IT investment should make you money. Let us introduce you to  a world of proven information technology solutions , built on years of experience.

 Delivered by hand to your location in England

 Unpacked and installed with packaging removed

 Connected to your network and joined to your domain

 Configured to automatically download security patches

 Administrative account information passed to you

 Configured and connected to necessary servers

 Design and configuration document supplied

 Support and operations document supplied

 Handover training including backups and restores

 12 Months on-site Warranty of Parts and Labour

 All of our staff are located in England

 Unrivalled experience in the IT Industry

 Straight talking services delivered on time and on budget

 No requirement to take any other services from us

 All our work is detailed in documents provided to you

 We configure each solution to meet your specific needs

Our Service for New Servers Why Buy From Us Today 0844 5678934

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