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In Detail

Our Strengths

With a relentless focus on quality & processes, we are experts in execution excellence that translates into measurable business benefits for our customers as detailed below:

360-degree solution

We understand that the ability to deliver innovative services and solutions depends on the ability to utilize vast technological capabilities and resources as well as the ability to provide superior service and support. At Naytaris, we take pride in our ability to work with our clients on solutions that address their specific needs which we can help identify. With our depth of experience and superior service, Naytaris can create a profitable infrastructure for our clients that will provide flexible and cost-effective solutions that address even the most complex challenges.

Fixed Pricing

We are unique in offering fixed price solutions and services to our customers. Whilst some companies focus on endless discussions about server placement and numbers, ‘as a service’ delivery or resource and technical limitations, Naytaris ‘keeps moving forward’ to deliver a practical effective solution quickly. Our staff have worked on many small and large scale projects for the last 20 years and are therefore able to leverage their extensive knowledge to offer fixed pricing for a great many services.

Driving out Waste

We don’t carry any passengers or waste. Sharing your IT resources between multiple customers mean you are never paying for idle staff. Our staff are well paid and entitled to a share of our profits (not sales) and so they work hard in a flexible environment (often from home) to deliver services to you. They are committed to flexible working, as are we and appreciate our customers require guidance and answers, not evasive action and questions.

Repeatable Solutions

Naytaris has built up a wealth of knowledge on all systems from eMail and domain management to service reporting, surveys, Microsoft authorised support, SQL, hardware, pr0xy and service desks  meaning we can quickly build effective solutions which match an evolving ethos of repeatable every improving solutions and services.

Quality leadership

With an integrated quality approach, we have high internal standards for quality. However, we never lose sight of the fact that this focus on quality must ultimately translate into benefits for our customers.

Measurable results

The primary driver for IT outsourcing is value and we firmly believe that the delivery of this value must be through measurable business results. We have consistently exceeded customer expectations by delivering on calculable parameters, be it lower costs, quicker time-to-market or greater productivity.