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Running on proven Microsoft Windows technology, a Naytaris Backup Server ensures your imperative services keep running, during times of stress. The backup server performs a secondary function of one of your other infrastructure servers to ensure 100% uptime.  It also physically backs up your central or other file-stores and contains removable media for you to take off site for extra safety.

With a vast amount of storage and enough processing power to handle requests for logons, alerting, file & print,  remote access or web access control in times of increased activity or primary server failure, the server is ideal for your business if you rely on these services.

We configure the entire service for you and let you have details of backed up file locations and/or functional ability types for any of the services you choose to replicate in an active/active or active passive capacity.


Providing a crucial service to your live infrastructure.

Ensure your staff have access to what they need, when they need it.

Critical to any infrastructure to maintain a stable, high availability service

 Delivered by hand to your location in England

 Unpacked and installed with packaging removed

 Connected to your network and joined to your domain

 Configured to automatically download security patches

 Administrative account information passed to you

 Configured and connected to necessary servers

 Design and configuration document supplied

 Support and operations document supplied

 Handover training including backups and restores

 12 Months on-site Warranty of Parts and Labour

Our Service for New Servers

 All of our staff are located in England

 Unrivalled experience in the IT Industry

 Straight talking services delivered on time and on budget

 No requirement to take any other services from us

 All our work is detailed in documents provided to you

 We configure each solution to meet your specific needs

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