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Naytaris Business Standard Package Contents

Payable by £9000 deposit with the remainder payable by BACS or Google checkout at the point of complete installation. If you would like to be invoiced for your deposit click Just Ask.


 Delivered by hand to your location in England

 Unpacked and installed with packaging removed

 Connected to your network and joined to your domain

 Configured to automatically download security patches

 Administrative account information passed to you

 Configured and connected to necessary servers

 Design and configuration document supplied

 Support and operations document supplied

 Handover training including backups and restores

 12 Months on-site Warranty of Parts and Labour

 All of our staff are located in England

 Unrivalled experience in the IT Industry

 Straight talking services delivered on time and on budget

 No requirement to take any other services from us

 All our work is detailed in documents provided to you

 We configure each solution to meet your specific needs

Our Service for New Servers Why Buy From Us Today

In a competitive business environment it is crucial to  correctly implement many specific components of an IT infrastructure; but it is also time-consuming and complex. Negating this growing complexity with a correctly implemented, proven solution will ensure you maximise your IT efficiency and minimize costs, enabling you to act quickly to your own industry changes.

The total cost of these items purchased separately from us , still incredible value, is over £2000. Reducing this price to £19

500 makes getting on the rung of a complete IT infrastructure very appealing to a competitive business.

Included is £500 of service credit which is enough for website updates, security and anti virus patches and some desktop installations. Comes with silver support for all hardware.


The Core IT Service, Solution & Support Package

The complete package for the small growing growing business.

Start your journey into Managed IT Services with key infrastructure components

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