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Cloud computing simply means someone hosts servers for you and you connect to them. Cloud-computing is now proven technology and although it is not without concerns about security, stability, and data ownership it does allow businesses to remove themselves from their datacentres and operations.

For smaller businesses, cloud computing can be particularly beneficial. With cloud services companies avoid having to buy and support physical items like storage and email servers. If used properly it can mean relatively low maintenance service commission. For some small businesses cloud computing can provide almost all of their server based needs from Service Desk and email to intranet and storage. Cloud-computing services require no user software to buy. Most Cloud-computing vendors for are usually subscription-based. We charge you on a monthly basis. The solutions we offer are affordable and highly scaleable from just a few items, to a few thousand.

Naytaris Cloud Service Desk

If you have a limited use for a Service Desk function, the Naytaris Cloud Service Desk could be what you’re looking for. It is a pay as you go service based on the number of tickets you open each month. There’s a small setup fee and low ongoing costs and some customisation of the desk reference data is possible by using Service Credits or a Service Contract. Prices are just .8 pence per incident which includes basic reporting and weekly extract data. Your data is held on our secure server and backed up in the usual way, but although the partition is shared with other customers, you will only see your own data.

The cloud Service Desk enables you to administer tickets for you own organisation, whilst giving user accounts to your own customers so they can check the status of them. The two cloud portal links are below:

Cloud Service Desk Login
Cloud Service Desk Admin

Prices charged on open incidents per night.


Virtual Dedicated Servers

Our virtual servers are made to grow as your needs grow. Get all the power and control of your own Dedicated Server for less. With a Naytaris Virtual Dedicated Server, your RAM and storage are guaranteed. Plus, you can add more capacity anytime with just a few clicks.

Not sure how to set it up? Please give us a call or drop us a mail and we will help get your server up and running fast! Choose the plan that's right for you, customize your bandwidth, control panel and backup options and leave the rest to us.

Windows Server running Windows 2008 64 Bit with 2GB RAM and 1000 GB per month bandwidth  with 30GB storage. Price per month.  Other packages available.

From under£20.00pcm


Naytaris Cloud Services. IT Services without on-site servers.


Low cost and quick setup.

Our cloud based solutions mean a lower setup and operating cost without the need for you to buy servers and host them on site.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server plans feature lightning-fast processors, up to 16 GB of RAM, 20 TB of bandwidth, and Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors, all backed by the best service and support in the industry, available 24/7. With our team of experts, you don't have to worry about setup — we'll get your server up and running fast. Choose a plan that's right for you, then customize it to meet your unique needs with more bandwidth, control panel options, backup plans, firewall protection and more.

Windows Server running Windows 2008 64 Bit with 2GB RAM and 2 x160GB Disks - 5TB transfer pcm.   Other packages available.

From under£55.00pcm


Cloud Hosted Exchange EMail

Hosted Exchange improves your productivity with powerful email, calendar and online collaboration tools including a SharePoint® intranet portal (Group plan). Enjoy anywhere access to your email, contacts and calendars. Easily share it all and schedule meetings with your colleagues. Get Microsoft Outlook® 2010 or Microsoft Outlook® for Mac 2011 FREE for every user.

•Secure your email with free virus and spam protection.

•Free expert Microsoft Exchange® support for set up, maintenance and troubleshooting. Price based on 100 mailboxes.

From under£4.00pcm


Naytaris Cloud Backup

Naytaris Cloud Collaboration