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Data Analysis - Real returns on your collected data

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Data Analysis

Help business to focus where it needs to, maximising profits.

One off or regular reports of web page visits, customer ordering patterns, call volumes or sales figures. Presented how you need them.

The need for statistics and results driven change in an organization is matched only by the sheer volume of data we are faced with today.

If you have data analysis requirements which are not being met, we can handle your additional reporting and analysis overloads or we can perform specialized analyses outside the scope of your in-house capabilities.

Once in possession of data files (please see consultancy or systems management type activities if you need help) and you have targeted the information you want, we perform the data analysis for you. We will swiftly submit our reports to you, electronically via email or this website for download.

Regular fixed price reporting services are available at great prices. We have worked with many companies from the National Health Service to utilities and banks as well as smaller organisations looking for technical help. Whilst we specialise in server and service capacity and reporting we also fulfil the following: Analyzing date and numerical sequences against any data: Identifying duplicates, comparisons and exceptions-testing, stratification and aging statistical sampling, internal audits, auditing of financial statements, fraud investigations, statistics required for management reports. retail price and payment statistics, policy compliance reviews, internal security investigations, performance reviews of sales force or of company divisions/regions. statistical reviews of inventory, customers, or product lines. We can even provide report automation with selectable inputs for dates or other variables so reports can be customized as they are run real-time. Please upload some sample data and a requirements specification if available.

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