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Naytaris Database Management

If you’re not excited at the prospect of maintaing your database server yourself we can support you with the skills required. Once you have one of our servers, we can perform active support and maintenance or data changes for you at excellent value.  Service credit is our method of enabling this at a cost of around £25 a month for SQL maintenance, £120  for regular data imports/exports or £300+ for schema, database changes or new queries. Active server management (gold support) is available from  £92 per month (1100 pa upgrade from silver).

Professional MS SQL 2012 Server

We are shipping SQL 2012 servers now. Some of the new features of SQL 2012 include AlwaysOn, allowing fail over of multiple databases in groups instead of individually with secondary copies readable, for backups. Windows Server Core Support - Core is the GUI-less version of Windows that uses DOS and PowerShell for user interaction. It has a much lower footprint (50% less memory and disk space utilization), requires fewer patches, and is more secure than the full install. Indexes are a special type of read-only index designed to be use with Data Warehouse queries. Basically, data is grouped and stored in a flat, compressed column index, greatly reducing I/O and memory utilization on large queries. This coupled with User-Defined Server Roles, Enhanced Auditing Features, Sequence Objects, enhanced PowerShell Support.

Our offer includes:

- Full configuration and data import, Ready for use within 1 week
- Sits on a cabled network with teamed LAN cards, connected to your network
- Fully up to date with Service Packs & Patches
- Credentials supplied for account management
- Optional connectivity to Infrastructure, Backup and Remote Access servers.
- Includes 20 client access licences and £200 service credit
- Includes all hardware sourcing and delivery
- Dual AMD Quad Core Processor, 8GB Fast Access Memory and and 2TB Storage
- 12 Months Silver Service Included
- Detachable backup drive to take offsite
- Includes £500 service credit for future changes


Basic MySQL Database Server

If you have no requirements for special design, integrated security, data-warehousing, or training  we can provide you with a basic MySQL server configured for immediate use. We will still work with you on your initial DB setup and configuration from a list of our existing designs with minimal customisation before handing over the installed server and database along with content control, over to you.

- Full configuration-  Ready for use within 1 week
- Sits on a cabled network connected to your LAN/domain
- Fully up to date with Service Packs & Patches
- Credentials supplied for account management
- Optional connectivity to Infrastructure, Backup and Remote Access servers.
- Unlimited client access licences
- Includes all hardware sourcing and delivery
- Dual Core  AMD Processor, 4GB Memory and 1TB Storage
- 12 Months Silver Service Included


Our database offerings cover both branded and open source products to allow you to select the level of support and market centricity you desire.  

If you’re looking for a number of relatively small to moderate, high uptime databases for either internal data storage (personnel, product or estate) or external www based access(product catalogues, customer account areas or extranets to share info with collaborators, a MySQL database could be what you are looking for.

For the more serious data connoisseur, you simply have to have the fastest, most reliable proven architecture available today. MS SQL server is the now de-facto choice of medium to large database providers offering incredible uptime, supportability, functionality and speed. Built on proven Windows 2008 technology and fully scaleable in the future with clustering or scaleability servers, it really is the only choice for the growing enterprise.

Whichever you choose, what you put into your database and how you access it is entirely up to you, but with our help (fixed price consultancy) we can ensure your investment is a wise one.


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Additional SQL 2012 Database Server

An additional MS Exchange eMail server will provide redundancy and resilience whilst increasing capacity and performance. For connection to an existing Primary MS SQL 2012 server..Add a secondary server at another location or to increase capacity for around another 2000 users with 20 CALs. 12 Months Silver Service Included