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Naytaris Mass Client Deployment
Desktop Virtualisation

If you have a large rollout to perform, please get in touch with us to provide an individual no obligation bid for the work. Our staff have great experience of rollout project management including user data migration, application proving and ‘gold brick’ or virtual destop tailoring to suit your organisation. Depending on the requirements we agree; your estimate will be competitive and leave nothing to chance ensuring  as perfect an execution as possible.

Please contact us for competitive prices

Naytaris Individual Client Deployment

This solution deploys a single desktop or laptop fully configured into your existing network ensures a minimum quad core desktop or dual core laptop with 19” or 15” widescreen monitor and 4GB memory.

All laptops are all HP or Dell mid-range, including Windows 7 professional and MS Office 2010. Desktop machines include a 19” monitor and are mid-quad core mid-high range HP desktops or equivalent. Includes joining your network and running an installation script.

There is no requirement for you to have any Naytaris Managed Services to purchase these client computers, however if you are using some managed service (silver or gold), installation also includes connection to any other services you take from us including connection to Email, Service Desk, intranet, File and Print servers and systems management services. Existing customers can order through our Service Desk or by telephone. Includes Naytaris Silver Service (Break/Fix). The minimum order for unmanaged customers when taken with no other solutions is 4 clients. If you have requirements for any particular brand or custom build, just ask.


Naytaris Managed Client Service

This service  ensures you and your staff never need to worry about Desktop or Laptop purchase again.  You engage us in a ‘call-off’ ordering system which enables you to rapidly expand your service as required.

After registering all your details and infrastructure specifications we will decide a reducing price scale for desktop and laptop implementations which starts from 1 device at £650.

A simple self service request ensures your new equipment is delivered and configured within 72 hours and you benefit from an outright purchase of each unit, (starting at £660 per client and reducing based on your yearly uptake from 10% lower then our individual client price up to 20%)

A deposit is payable of £8500 which includes your first 8 units and allows you to call off up to 4 clients in your first month being invoiced at the end of the month. The clients include  connectivity to any Naytaris services and (uptime based) silver service hardware break/fix/replacement for the first 12 months, provided you are a current customer - extendable using our support service.

  Initial £8500.00

Additional Unit

Desktop Solutions

Expert service delivered straight to your desk.

Quality components, branded clients and ease of access and applications.

Branded clients and equipment coupled with quality software and build strategies

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Naytaris User Support

Your employees are truly your greatest asset. Ensure they never have to accept second best when working with their IT equipment by engaging us to provide user support on the applications and hardware they use every day. Contact us to give you a competitive price for UK based telephone or desk-side support services to your organisation. Whether it’s MS Office expertise, help with setting up a database or even support for one of your own in-house applications, we can help you get the job done and keep your staff productive for longer.

Please contact us for competitive prices