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Infrastructure management is incredibly important in a dynamic business environment, but it is also time-consuming and complex. Negating this growing complexity with a correctly implemented business infrastructure will ensure you maximise your IT efficiency, minimize costs, enabling you to act quickly to your own industry changes. Our infrastructure services are reliable, scaleable and use proven technologies, both in hardware and software.

We have a number of options for smaller companies to quickly scale infrastructure to meet demands and adopt new technology as it becomes available. Please contact us if you need any help putting together the right components for your business. Our Microsoft Accredited specialists will be only too happy to help.

If you have limited requirements some of our cloud services might be of interest to you. Cloud is simply another phrase for off-site hosted servers and it can provide a safe, secure, cost effective and scaleable solution to store data and manage applications. For infrastructure queries, Contact Ged Stamford for  more information.

Naytaris Active Directory Server

An active directory domain controller on your network stores user account information, authenticates users and enforces security policy for a Windows domain. Connect client computers so users can securely log on with their credentials anywhere on your network. Also provides network name resolution. Includes 12 months uptime support.


Naytaris Systems Management and Alerting Server

A systems management server monitors the other equipment and servers on your network and sends alerts to administrators if problems occur such as disk space filling up - or a server down. It also provides reports on capacity , performance and Service Level Agreements . Includes 12 months uptime support.


Naytaris Web Control Server

A web control server acts as a central server for all your client computers to connnect to the internet avoiding the issue of internet security and open network access to your LAN. Users can be monitored for internet misuse and selected sites can be blocked altogether. Includes 12 months uptime support.


Naytaris Backup Server

This server provides 2 services. It provides a backup of one of the other 5 functions above in case of a server failure. It also physically backs up data from a Naytaris server or other network data store. It has a large storage and a detachable drive for off-site data backup. Includes 12 Months Uptime Support.



Naytaris Remote Access Server

A remote access server allows you (or  us) to securely access any of your other computers and servers from outside your secure network. Your network should be closed off from the internet and the only route in should be via this server for console or file access. It’s a requirement of us providing remote support to you. Includes 12 months uptime support.


Naytaris File and Print Server

A file and print server provides a central location to store your company’s data with 2TB of space - as well as providing print queues for connection to by users computers.  Includes 12 Months Uptime Support.



The Crucial Components of Effective IT Management.

Demand stable, secure and dependable access.

Keeping your IT environment and data safe, secure and accessible