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Naytaris Intranet Management

If you’re not excited at the prosQuadpect of updating your website data yourself we can support you with the skills needed required. Once you have one of our intranets, if you are still being supported, we can perform the updates for you at excellent value.  Service credit is our method of enabling this for you and at a cost  of a simple intranet update at around £12 on a pay as you go basis, this could be the answer to your administrative problem. Requires a Remote Access server for us to jump into your network.

Achieving cost productive intranet collaboration demands that key activities are performed prior to implementation.  If your culture is not ready for collaborative working it may be time to examine working practices before commission. The intranet should be the first place people look for guidance notes, work instructions, news, holiday rotas,  company information, employee data, team notes, new internal opportunities and everything in-between.
Our experience will be vital to you achieving the key objectives from the start. That is to begin with a well though out intranet residing on a solid intranet server setup using scaleable permissions to restrict access. Ease of access and upload to defined storage areas using the correct file types and versioning are all areas needing appraisal. Your knowledge of your business will help us partition and structure your hierarchical tree of  knowledge  enabling your staff to work quickly and more efficiently.
An intranet might not seem like the best place to spend your money, but you can be sure to count the cost of lost time and money when people cant find what they’re looking for.  

Naytaris Basic Intranet Server & Setup

If you have no additional requirements for special design, workflow,  or training  we can provide you with an intranet collaboration site which uses a non-Microsoft collaboration server tool enabling you to share content, documents and web pages with a simple partitioning and layout of information. We will then hand over the completed intranet and content control to you.

- Collaboration software for document and page sharing
- Intranet design to match  your existing internal branding
- Examination of your departments to identify permissions
- Creation of the internal sites,repositories and forum
- Basic Integration with email and Service Desk, if available
- Initial population of news, articles and self help
- Access to the pages and software yourself
- 1 Day training for 2 staff for self updating


Workforce and unified document collaboration is a proven driver to business success


Store and share information quickly and securely.

An intranet server delivers company information, a database front end and any other key text based information.

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