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Naytaris Cabled Local Area Network (LAN)

Wired Local Area Networks (LANs) use Ethernet cables and network adapters. Although two computers can be directly wired to each other using an Ethernet (crossover) cable, wired LANs generally also require central devices like hubs, switches, or routers to accommodate more computers.

Our cabled network includes a local router and hub and all cabling sufficient to link up 20 computers / servers within a 6x6m room and is ideal for spaces where guaranteed super high speed connectivity is required for example your server room or high traffic office.

In addition spaces can be linked together within a building for an additional cost  and secure tunnelling through the internet is available for linking buildings and sites together privately.

The majority of our newer customers generally utilise a single cabled network in a server room or critical office, with the remainder of the rooms connected to their client WiFi service (opposite). Includes our silver supportcare.

Naytaris Wireless Local Area Network (wLAN)

Naytaris can build a wireless network based on the number of users, types of devices and size of buildings to ensure the most cost effective wireless solution for your company

Naytaris Wireless Networks can provide you with a well planed and scalable  network which gives you, your employees and their devices always-on access that’s secure,  flexible, inexpensive and easy to maintain. Regardless of the size of the Wi-Fi network, we accurately plan, configure and test the usability of the service to ensure your employees have immediate access with no signal drop outs or delays. 100% coverage - 100% of the time.  The wireless network includes a local small number of cabled ports for server or printer connections.

Let us design and install your secure Wi-Fi network including connecting up to 20 wireless devices or clients.

Dependent on your requirements, it may be possible to connect all your devices, desktops, servers and mobile equipment to a single wireless network. If you have concerns around resilience, we can use a redundant paired wireless network, with more of a guarantee of stability but without the speed (or cost) of a wired network.

We include connecting your wLAN to a physical or other wireless network with connection of up to 20 devices for you and written instructions and remote support for you to connect more.

 Wi-Fi Room £980.00

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