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Our OTRS enterprise strength Help Desk solution provides a central point of contact for customers and employees to submit service incidents and requests.  It’s a server installed for you at your premises.

It enables businesses to deliver high quality service at minimal operational cost and has readily available functionality for automated request monitoring and centralized reporting. With the flexibility of OTRS Help Desk, service organizations can build customized and innovative solutions

OTRS is an open source (licence free) Service/Help Desk solution which once configured could meet all your requirements albeit without the comfort and support of the backing of a company (except us, of course).  The recent addition of iPhone and Android apps make this package look all the more attractive. Usually help desk software is configured for a large fee and additional users (agents) have to purchase additional annual licences. This can result in quite high helpdesk costs. If you have limited use for a help desk, consider OTRS and reduce your costs dramatically.


Low cost, open source service desk software.

Implementing a lower overall cost service desk facility to enable basic ITIL service and customer relationship management.

Lower operating cost with high availability and all the basic functions of a growing customer based operation.

Naytaris Open Source [OTRS] Service Desk

Includes a dual core 4GB server running MS Windows 2008, supported by 12 months Naytaris Silver Service Support

Import of your contact and logon information, including initial creation of  classifications and SLA and group data, joining domain. Up to 1000 items loaded. Instructions for you to add new items, users and log incidents.

Up to 2.5 days of on-site installation and configuration with up to 1 day additional remote configuration and support

Ticket Management: Efficiently record, track and resolve customer requests allowing transparency and collaboration.  Connect using iPhone or Android phones to view and update tickets.

Knowledge Management: Grant easy access to documented resolutions and provide cross-process support, increasing the service teams efficiency.

Self-Service: Provide customers 24/7 access to the Self-Service Portal allowing them to create requests, track progress, access the knowledge base and close tickets once they are resolved.

Surveys: Automatically send pre-defined surveys to your users when a request is resolved and use OTRS to analyze customer satisfaction.

OTRS Mobile App: Grant access to OTRS to users from anywhere

Access Management: Grant users role and group-based permissions help to manage access to features and modules.  


 Delivered by hand to your location in England

 Unpacked and installed with packaging removed

 Connected to your network and joined to your domain

 Configured to automatically download security patches

 Administrative account information passed to you

 Configured and connected to necessary servers

 Design and configuration document supplied

 Support and operations document supplied

 Handover training including backups and restores

 12 Months on-site Warranty of Parts and Labour

Our Service for New Servers

 All of our staff are located in England

 Unrivalled experience in the IT Industry

 Straight talking services delivered on time and on budget

 No requirement to take any other services from us

 All our work is detailed in documents provided to you

 We configure each solution to meet your specific needs

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