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Naytaris Business Standard

Our standard package includes all you need to get your business IT off the ground. Delivery and installation is included along with 12 months silver support and enough service credits to make changes and updates over the 12 months. Includes setup and provision of a Microsoft Windows Active Directory as well as File & Print and Email services. Included is training, printers and laptops and desktops all fully configured to work with MS Office loaded as standard. Also includes access to Naytaris Cloud Backup, Service Desk and Systems Management servers to keep your infrastructure monitored and secure.


Naytaris Business Premium

Upgrading from Business Standard with additional servers, services and support including a full website with E-Commerce, MS Exchange 2010 server and backup servers as well as additional desktops and laptops and Gold Support for your Active Directory and one other server, this package represents incredible value for money. Just consider the components you are receiving and the additional £2500 of service credit included, which is enough for plenty of website updates, user accounts and desktop tweaks.


Complete IT Packages

Saving you time and money by building solutions you need.

Quality, service and scaleability guaranteed.

Complete IT packages ready for installation

Trying to work out which components of an IT infrastructure you need most can be daunting.

Find below our ‘ready for service’ packages which can be deployed in just a few weeks and include user data and data onboarding and websites with ECommerce. Of course additional components can be built with the packages, simply add them to your chosen package and checkout..

The packages have been developed with growing medium sized business in mind and are currently non-configurable but they do represent a significant discount over buying the items separately.

If you have corporate requirements or you aren’t comfortable paying safely and securely with Google checkout, please use the contact form

Naytaris Business Corporate

For corporate clients who require a tailored package with data-centre provision with cooling, pass-key security, client USB keys, blackberry or other integration, additional tailored cloud or application services or input into a bid, please request a call back for a business engagement manager to discuss your requirements. Alternatively use the contact form page to enter the details.

Naytaris Business Ultimate

Building on Business Premium with many more additional servers, services and support including an additional systems management and monitoring server, 20 days of on-site installation support and 10 days of remote configuration activity as well as a massive e £5000 worth of service credit with many more devices having Gold Support. This  is truly the ultimate package for any business looking to harness t he power of IT to compete in today’s competitive world.


Naytaris Business Budget

For our customers on a tight-budget, we’ve recently introduced a lightweight package of desktops, servers and cloud services with some inclusive support credit. These services are fully upgrade-able and integrate seamlessly into any of our other solutions at a later date.


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