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A Naytaris Software Distribution server provides crucial client and server software  deployment and  distribution facilities to your estate..

The server comes installed with software to deliver software and patches to  all of the servers and clients in your organisation and send out patches and other key updates  in pre-defined jobs.

Sitting within your network it downloads patches and other critical Microsoft updates from the internet and then distributes them to your clients. It also delivers any software you choose - which is packaged in the correct format - and uploaded to the software distribution server by us or your support team. Naytaris will install the server for you and set up the initial downloading, distribution and reporting of critical patches before handing over training to deploy other software and administrative privileges to you.  Of course as part of our silver service we will provide support for 1 year to ensure the service is functioning as it should and you also receive service credit for some nominal updates by Naytaris.


Deliver software, patches and downloads to clients.

Controlled software management of your desktop, laptop and server estate.

Stay in control of the software running on every device

 Delivered by hand to your location in England

 Unpacked and installed with packaging removed

 Connected to your network and joined to your domain

 Configured to automatically download security patches

 Administrative account information passed to you

 Configured and connected to necessary servers

 Design and configuration document supplied

 Support and operations document supplied

 Handover training including backups and restores

 12 Months on-site Warranty of Parts and Labour

Our Service for New Servers

 All of our staff are located in England

 Unrivalled experience in the IT Industry

 Straight talking services delivered on time and on budget

 No requirement to take any other services from us

 All our work is detailed in documents provided to you

 We configure each solution to meet your specific needs

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Naytaris Software Distribution Server


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