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Achieving cost productive intranet collaboration demands that key activities are performed prior to implementation.  If your culture is not ready for collaborative working it may be time to examine working practices before commission. The intranet should be .....more>>


Infrastructure management is incredibly important in a dynamic business environment, but it is also time-consuming and complex. Negating this growing complexity with a correctly implemented business infrastructure will ensure .....more>>


Cloud computing simply means someone hosts servers for you and you connect to them. Cloud-computing is now proven technology and although it is not without concerns about security, stability, and data ownership, it does allow.....more>>


Exchange Server 2010
brings many benefits both to the IT staff and end users, including higher uptime, lower costs and advanced features. Since we manage everything for you, your IT staff never has to think about it and is free to focus on your core business .....more>>

Internet and Web

Our internet services are for businesses looking to capitalise on the power of internet sales and marketing. We take the hassle out of creating a new web site,  rebranding or improving your search engine hits, providing advice and technical.....more>>

Service Desk

A service desk isn’t just for IT companies! Provide your users with a single point of contact for issues and enquiries. Our Service Desk (or helpdesk) server enables your organisation to receive incoming enquiries or problems issue.....more>>


We offer a number of tailored database packages which are fitted around a customers requirements. For that reason we do not currently offer fixed price packages for database solutions. We have experts in SQL, MYSQL, PHP, SSIS, DTS and most other technologies, so if you have a requirement please just get in touch!


It can be challenging to keep everyone in touch when they reside in different offices or locations. Especially when it comes to moving and sharing large amounts of data. Naytaris can help you keep everyone connected – linking people along .....more>>


Our desktop (client) services cover both desktop and laptop type computers for deployment into either your own or a managed or unmanaged Naytaris network.  If you have taken some managed services from us each client will.....more>>

Naytaris recognises the need to offer fixed prices for what can seem complex and technically detailed work. Our customers appreciate knowing that the price they see is the price they pay. Of course we can still add tailoring and new requirements with design specifications into any solution we deliver so you get the best of both worlds.

Browse our solutions and if you have any questions or additional requirements, please just get in touch, we are happy to help and employ no dedicated sales team or commission based agents.

Our passion for information and computing generally means we focus on the technical detail and delivery to ensure complete benefit. Our prices simply represent our dedication to implementing a perfect solution every time we deploy. From requirements gathering, through design, costing, data onboarding, implementation and configuration with custom tailoring before system and user acceptance testing, we know we are the best IT company in the country - with your help we’ll soon be the biggest. If you have any general queries about our solutions, including tailoring or bespoke packages, contact Stephen Henton.

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